Written Citizen is an online literary guild founded by Georgia, an English rose, and Zoe, an American-not-in-Paris. They are both now fifteen years-old, and though they actually haven’t met in real life yet (due to a slight geographical issue), they became fast-friends through Instagram ages ago. 

   They both first bonded through their love for photography, then as they started corresponding more often, they realized that not only do they share the same sense of humor (Georgia: humour is spelled with the letter u before the r, you wanker! Zoe: *snorts in a very unladylike manner* First, I’m expected to lift a pinkie when I drink my coffee or tea in your gloomy marshland, and now I have to conform and spell humor with an extra letter? AND WHO ARE YOU CALLING A WANKER, YOU TWAT?), but they also share a passion for fashion, poetry (check out and follow their poetry here), travel, literature, theatre, Tumblr, vinyls, and so on, so forth. So, they decided that collaborating together to make a fusion of classic British cool and wild American fun could possibly be the coolest thing ever (note the underline) since peasant skirts with cowboy boots and corn rows stopped being the thing. (Make sure to follow them here to keep up with their biannual magazine!)

   And alas, here they are now… with an online journal. Welcome, Citizen!


The Team

Meet Georgia

Co-founder, senior web-designer, and lead-writer

   If there’s a Will, there’s a Fay. Hello! My full name is Georgia Fay Williams, and I live in London and am fifteen (and a half) years-old.

   I’m interested in art, photography, fashion, reading and coffee, among many other things. YouTube is what I spend most of my time on; my  favourite YouTubers include: Zoella (of course), Tanya Burr, Leanne Lim Walker, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Claire Marshall, Soothing Sista, Essiebutton, Clothesencounters, Danisnotonfire and Jacksgap… It is said that investigating somebody’s bookshelves will give you a good idea of their personality, so maybe the same applies to one’s favourite YouTubers.

I love to wear black and would describe my personal style as ‘basic with edge’ or, when I’m in a more dressy-up mood, ‘English tomboy’. My lust for fashion, personal style and beauty has reached new heights and I will aim to pursue these skills with this blog.


Find Georgia here at her Tumblr.


Meet Zoe

Co-founder, senior visual-director, and lead-writer

    “In west-Philadelphia, born and raised…” Hiya! I’m Zoe Patricia Gilligan and my life sucks because I don’t actually own an island (or go to high school with Will Smith). Don’t worry, I only joke―for the most part. Anyways, though I love my name, I prefer to assume my initials as a pseudonym for my writing. I too am 15 years-old, and my mother is Asian and my papa is English and Irish.

My interests vary from reading, writing, film, photography, fashion, laughing, drinking milkshakes and coffee (black, of course), traveling, museums, history, theatre, poetry, dance, Tumblr, and music.

I’ve been dancing (ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop) since the age of two, and figure skating since the age of three. Though I have quit skating and dance, I still love and enjoy watching both sports. Nowadays, as a sophomore in high school, I try to evenly divide my time between SAT prep courses, photoshoots, films (watching and making), books, friends, my writing, deciding which black sweater will match which black pants with which black boots with which black coat, reblogging a storm up on Tumblr, and of course, expressing myself freely and living here at Written Citizen.

If this world was a perfect world, I’d own an apartment in every city I love, Hilary Clinton would be president, I’d be the next Sofia Coppola, all diseases and war would be cured/over, I’d be the love child of Alexander Wang and Phoebe Philo, and my boyfriend would be Henry Cavill circa 2003. (That’s right, think Stephen Colley in I Capture the Castle.) Unfortunately, this is a ruff, dog-eat-dog world, and the only thing that’ll get me to the Wall Street Journal is my quick wit and raw talent (my sarcasm will get me booted out, mind you), and the only thing that’s stopping me from lazing around Versailles with Kimye during MBPFW (Mercedes Benz Paris Fashion Week) is my distaste for everything Yeezus and all it stands for, as well as my staggering height of 5 feet and 4 inches. (Don’t even get me started on my ever-so attenuated eyelashes.) So, while I would love to study film at UCLA or NYU and be like one of the Coppola sisters, the cinematic business is a very hard business to breech, and being the realist I am (or rather, my mother just loves to call me the p word… pessimistic… I’m not that English, am I? I prefer ‘perfectionist’, if we’re using p words), I realize that I can still find an employment within my capability (and credit card limit) that I am truly passionate for. In saying that, I’ve concluded that I wish oh-so desperately to be either a writer (a journalist, play-write, script-write, author―you name it, I’ll write it) or a teacher, because I truly do enjoy working with kids after so many years of teaching children how to skate. Plus, I could still be a photographer on the side with those jobs. I would love to study at NYU, Columbia, Barnard College (any Ivy League school, really), Stanford, UCLA, Cambridge, Oxford, or Trinity College. Well, I can sure as heck forget grad parties when I’m 17―I have applications to attend to.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that I’m a klutz (I know, it’s a phenomenon that I can dance and skate), sarcastic, realistic, deeply passionate, and quite witty, yet very worldly (from all of my lofty travels, of course), if I may say so myself. Either that, or I’m just another stupid wannabe-blogger and not-so-sassy or creative 15 year old girl sitting in a corner with her laptop and the lights off *hisses at sunlight*. Luckily, I’m not a pessimist, so I prefer to eliminate the latter and go with the former. Oh, and could you also tell that I tend to nervously ramble when talking about myself? (Even through the computer! ALRIGHT ZOE, YOU GO!)

Anyways, with Written Citizen, I wish to bring all of my ammunition to the table and give you guys nothing less but the full and passionate Zoe Gilligan experience (less hazy and more New England accent than the Jimi Hendrix Experience, if you feel).

Thanks again, beloved reader, for visiting our blog! Go to seek a Great Perhaps and watch good films.


   You can either find Zoe behind a camera lens or being inspired on her Tumblr. She’s hoping that being the animal in bed she is, very koala-like, she’ll be able to mold into her pillows and bedsheets and write for you guys until the day she’s spent all of her money on film rolls and can’t pay for the wifi anymore. Until the day this blog could become her full-time occupation, she is currently the teenage eye-rolling daughter listening to The White Stripes. Kate Moss is her boss. 


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