Kanken Backpack Review / Georgia

I think a round of applause for Fjallraven Kanken is in order.

My backpack arrived a couple of days ago, and I’m beyond happy with it. I’d been wanting (well, needing, actually) a new rucksack and for over a year I’d had my eye on these Kankens that it seems are the epitome of ‘THE bag’. Of course, I’m not one to follow simple trends within my age group but as soon as I saw this bag, I knew it had to be mine. The only problem was: “what colour should I get?!” Having browsed the website’s display of colours, I was absolutely and positively stumped. Do I get ‘brick’ as a statement colour? Yellow as a bright addition to my wardrobe? Black to go with everything I wear or ‘tan’ to match a colour I love? It was a hard decision but I felt I needed a splash of colour to my life and I chose the ‘brick’ colour in size ‘big’ (as I’d heard that the classic colour was in fact slightly on the small side). Yes, it’s a tad pricey but I can say that it’s definitely worth it, and the current 20% discount does help. Furthermore, it took a mere 2 and a half days to arrive! That is crazy! I’m not sure where the bags are shipped from but dayum it was quick.

When it arrived I was I squealed with happiness with regard to the size. The sizing is absolutely perfect; if you’re looking for something to potentially travel with or haul a laptop or school paraphernalia in, GET ‘BIG!’ Fitting my camera, water bottle, jumper and a couple of books is more than comfortable.

I absolutely LOVE the colour. It’s perfect for a teenager with an entirely black wardrobe with regard to adding a bright splash of hue. More than that, it wonderfully matches my new light blue shirt from Topshop as the complimentary colours have a somewhat Spanish feel to them.

I’d say that one annoying thing about the bag is that on the sides there are pockets – which is great – but they’re too small for a water bottle or something useful of a similar size. It means I have to risk a bottle leakage by placing it with delicate things like books and schoolbooks inside the bag.

The bag does stain quite easily so bear this in mind if you’re considering purchasing this bag (which you totally should do).







My sister modelling my bag on a beach in Cornwall.


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