Style Icon: Jenn Im / Georgia


Today, I’m writing to share with you one of my main style inspirations, Jenn Im. If you haven’t heard of this beautiful Korean fashionista, behind the successful YouTube channel ‘clothesencounters‘, then it’s about time to crawl out from the cave you’ve been living in. Having hit a massive one million subscribers in the past week, Jenn is growing more and more widely known amongst the blogosphere and YouTube community. Amongst the mainstream genres of YouTube, being music, fashion and beauty, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out―however Jenn has achieved just that.


Her channel consists of make-up tutorials, monthly favourites, ‘What Would Jenn Wear‘ segments and other videos aimed to assist and inspire others in expressing themselves through what they wear. Jenn’s helpful tips and tricks regarding fashion and style are sure to inspire any girl with any personal style, whether leaning towards the more grungy, tomboyish end of the spectrum, or the girly dresses paired with floral prints end.

Jenn Im 1

“As long as you feel good in it, it’s the greatest outfit in the world”―little quotes like these make me regain my content with humanity and act as a reminder that there are still super, mega-awesome people out there.

Jenn Im 2

I’m fairly safe with what I wear―my wardrobe is definitely the most boring thing anyone has and will ever see. This is because I am in that teenage time in my life where I’m ‘finding myself’, and so taking time out to be inspired is definitely crucial for me before I start to build up a beautiful wardrobe (influenced by Jenn, of course). Currenly, on a day-to-day basis, I’ll just wear my dull black jeans paired with an old, plain black-tee with my black vans or docs. Jenn has, in a way, opened up the world of fashion to me and it’s become an obsession. I’d LOVE a wardrobe tour from Jenn because I think it’ll be the coolest way to see all her stunning outfits in one place where we, her audience, can compare the millions of styles that she displays to us through her beautifully shot videos. Nowadays, my time will be gladly spent scouring the internet for shoes and handbags to be added to my wishlist… this is a good thing. Promise. It’s fun.


Upon discovery of ‘clothesencounters‘ (recommended by her witty and fashionable friend, Claire Marshall [@heyclaire]), I was undoubtedly blown away. Jenn’s personal style is one of a kind―one that I hope to learn from when styling myself. One of the things I really like about her is that while yes, she sports the odd alluring pair of Jeffrey Campbells to add some height (whilst looking honestly fabulous), she is all about thrifting and searching places like Goodwill (which I can’t access, since it isn’t available in the UK) for the perfect affordable and chic outfit.


                     (all image credit goes to Jenn Im and Tumblr.)


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