‘Anna and the French Kiss’ Book Review / Georgia

    I’m writing this whilst watching 90210, throwback to season one! Only thing bad about the premiere season is the notable absence of a certain Liam Court *cough* *abs* *cough*.

 *warning―spoilers ahead*

As the wise and beautiful Stephanie Perkins once said, “Seriously, I don’t know any American girl who can resist an English accent.”―This simple statement just summarises the novel. (I mean, I’m not American and I don’t understand the stereotypical infatuation with the English accent, really.)

If I were to describe the utter perfection that is Stephanie Perkin’s ‘Anna and the French Kiss’, I’d struggle not to immediately list synonyms for ‘cute’. I’d definitely say it’s humorous, lovable, ADORABLE and unadulteratedly superb. It’s absolutely everything you would want in a feel-good young adult romance novel. I did in fact read Anna in less than a day; only five books in history have ever left me with this burning desire to close the last page without sleep: Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight and The Beginning of Everything (if you haven’t read these books just read them. Go)

So, the plot goes roughly like this: having been sent to an American boarding school in Paris to complete her final year of high school, Anna Oliphant is furious. Not only has she left behind her friends and her job, but the guy she’s totally crushing on. Skeptical, no knowledge of the French language and fairly pissed off, she’s ready to absolutely loathe France. However, within pretty much the first couple of hours of arriving at the school, she literally bumps into Mr beautiful Étienne St Clair―a dreamy, English history-enthusiast… he has everything―including a serious girlfriend. Soon, everything Anna thinks she knows about herself is turned upside down.

Within only a matter of hours after finishing Anna, I was suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms. You know when you finish a book so amazing and you would do anything to live in that world? Yep, this was me. ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ did a Harry Potter on me, and every single teenage girl that’s read the book. Without a doubt, Anna is a book you cannot simply put down.

'Anna and the French Kiss' Book Review / Georgia

(Image credits go to Tumblr―can’t remember the account name though, sorry!)


Au revoir!

– Georgia


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