The Divergent Premiere / Georgia

   Greetings, Internet

   Recently, I’ve been considering doing something revolved around the whole blogging thing that’s growing more and more popular. As a result, I thought I’d just get started with it instead of just thinking about it. So… hello. Here’s a simple introduction: my name’s Georgia, I live in London and I’m 15 years old. *there, that wasn’t so hard was it?*
   I’m one of those people that likes to think they’re cool, and discover things before they become too popular. One of these things happens to be the Divergent trilogy by author Veronica Roth. Hell yes I’m a book hipster, and obviously a massive fan of the books. I was slightly skeptic, yet quite excited when I heard they were making the series into films. How can something so brilliantly written and beautiful in its own right be transformed to the big screen whilst living up to the book’s epic standards?

The Divergent Premiere / Georgia
Of course, I had to go to the premiere in Leicester Square. So, I woke up at 6.30am (on a Sunday!!), hopped on the tube and arrived only to find I was just number 88 in the queue *well done me*. As you can see, it was very, VERY empty.

Naturally, I was on the hunt for any hot drink I could find (within reason, Chai Tea latte is bleh). Specifically, a hot chocolate was on my radar (kinda cold weather). It was at 1.45pm when things really started getting exciting and, after being separated from the friend I was with, the cast arrived.  First on the red carpet was Veronica Roth, and might I add that I was speechless when I saw her. She was so pretty and just looked really elated. I can’t stress how happy I was to know that for the rest of my life I can say that I’ve seen one of my favourite authors, for Divergent is absolutely one of my top books.

Secondly, Shaliene stepped out the car and her dress was exquisite, an azure colour revealing her back, and wow. Just wow. Then again, her beauty wasn’t really a surprise.



Theo James (who played Tobias Eaton) was just unreal. To be perfectly honest, the best part of the trailer was when he took his shirt off, revealing those tattooooos, and I was dyingggg.  He was incredibly charming and the film was incredibleeverything I expected it to be.

I’d seen earlier on twitter that Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman were going to be attending, and when I found out, I was actually shaking from anticipation. No joke. I am utterly obsessed with Tan and I watch her videos a ridiculous amount; similarly with Jim. I nearly melted when I saw them come into sight on the red carpet. Jim looked so handsome and Tan’s outfit was so lovely, looked so beautiful.


Aaaand finally, I saw Kate Winslet strolling down the red carpet and she looked so stunning. Not only was her make up perfect but her dress (Vivienne Westwood) complimented her figure so well and AGH! She came over and got into a selfie with me
and she… she smelt like heaven. Not creepy at all, nope.

See you next time!- Georgia


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